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Aluminum: The Future-Proof Material for Sustainable Electrification

The innovative cast coil technology not only redefines electric motor technology, but also actively promotes the issue of sustainability, making it the conscious choice for a greener future.

Aluminum – a lightweight with an impressive ecological footprint:

Energy efficiency – less is more.

Significantly less energy is required to produce and recycle aluminum compared to alternative materials. This leads to a remarkable 30% reduction in CO2 emissions – a clear win for our planet!

Pioneering work in environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Aluminum not only improves the CO2 balance. It plays a central role in the introduction of environmentally friendly refrigerants. Aluminum cast coils enable the use of ammonia in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to fresh refrigerants with high CO2 equivalent and ozone depletion potential while consuming less energy!

More than just a lightweight.

Aluminum is therefore not only a lightweight and high-performance material, but also a true champion of sustainability. When you opt for cast coil technology, you are not only choosing first-class performance, but also making a conscious decision for a cleaner environment.

The advantages of aluminum cast coils:

  • Sustainable production and recycling: lower carbon footprint, lower energy consumption and excellent recycling by eliminating alloying elements.
  • Lightweight design: Higher efficiency compared to conventional copper coils, lower operating costs. Weight reduction of the entire e-machine.
  • Versatility: The cast coils can be ideally adapted to the installation space thanks to the casting process, enabling new e-machine designs and layouts.
  • Availability: Aluminum is the third most common element on earth and is produced globally. In contrast to copper, it therefore ensures greater independence in the supply chain and lower price increases.

Sustainable business relationships

New business relationships that violate the sustainability goals of our investor “Bee Elf Foundation” or use cast coil technology in environmentally harmful products, in violation of human rights or in outlawed weapons systems can be vetoed by the foundation. The right of veto enables all shareholders to re-evaluate the business relationship with regard to the violations.

We also use a fixed portion of our profits to promote and support non-profit and/or charitable organizations in Germany. For every EUR 1 million in profits, EUR 50,000 is allocated to corresponding organizations in Germany. The circle of shareholders decides on the use.

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