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Our Contribution to sustainability

The use of cast coils opens up new possibilities in the design of electric machines. Thanks to a more efficient use of space and flexible design options for the coil geometry, they enable electric machines with increased efficiency, higher power density and an extended range of variants without having to change the housing. This means that copper coils can be used for high-performance applications and aluminum coils for lightweight applications.

The use of cast coils helps to reduce energy consumption in various applications, for example in refrigeration systems, where they can reduce energy consumption by around 10%. Aluminum coils in particular offer advantages in terms of energy consumption in production and recycling, resulting in an approximately 30% reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the use of aluminum enables the use of CFC-free refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning technology, which accounts for a significant proportion of energy consumption in Germany, around 15%.

In addition, aluminum can be used as a recyclable material in closed-loop systems for future drive systems, which further promotes sustainability and resource efficiency.

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