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As already presented in our previous articles, the casting process allows the slot to be utilized much better as installation space for the coils. – Up to 90 % slot fill factor is possible! More material in the same installation space leads to:

Higher power density and torque density!

At the same time, the flat conductor geometry adapted to the installation space with large contact surfaces between windings and tooth ensures very good heat dissipation, which enables a higher current density. In practice, this means that Cast Coil motors can be designed to be significantly more compact and lighter and have the same or better performance data than the output motor with conventional wound coils!

Aluminum Cast Coils achieve a torque increase of 50% with the same installation space and copper Cast Coils can achieve up to 100% compared to conventional ones. At the same time, the current density and thus the power can be increased due to the better heat dissipation and the nut can provide higher continuous power.

Advantages of the increased performance of e-machines through Cast Coils

The advantages of increased performance of electric motors are manifold and have a positive effect on various areas of application:

1. Electromobility:

Increased range: Less energy is consumed due to higher efficiency and lower weight with the same performance data. In the overall system, the CO2 footprint is massively reduced, particularly through the use of Al-Cast Coils.

2. Industry:

Increased productivity: Higher power and torque enable more agile work processes and higher productivity in industry.

Reduced downtime: The longer service life and reliability of motors with Cast Coils result in less downtime. The OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) increases.

3. Air conditioning and refrigeration:

Cast Coils increase the efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning systems due to better heat dissipation and therefore lower energy requirements. Aluminum Cast Coils enable the use of ammonia, also known as R-717 in the refrigeration industry, and thus offer the possibility of dispensing with ozone-depleting greenhouse gases

Extended application possibilities: The compact design and low weight of motors with Cast Coils open up new application possibilities from robotics, from industrial robots to eksoskeletons, from a wide variety of industrial motors to aircraft engines with the highest performance requirements!


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