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Cast Coils: Innovation for efficient and sustainable cooling

Cast Coils, the innovative cast motor coils, are not only setting new standards in drive motors for automotive, aviation and marine applications, but are also revolutionizing cooling systems in various industries. Their unique design and the possibility of using aluminum as a conductor material offer a number of advantages over traditional cooling systems and make them a game changer for sustainable cooling technology!

Efficient heat dissipation for optimum cooling performance
The core of the Cast Coils lies in their superior thermal conductivity. Thanks to the high level of heat dissipation to the motor’s laminated core and thus the dissipation of heat to the outside, less heat is transferred to the cooling medium in hermetically sealed cooling systems. This reduces the energy requirement of the cooling system. At the same time, the efficiency of the compressor is increased by cast coils and the energy requirement is reduced even further!

Sustainable solution for cooling systems
Cast Coils not only increase the efficiency of refrigeration and air conditioning systems in terms of energy consumption, but also enable the use of ammonia, also known as R-717 in the refrigeration industry, through the use of aluminum cast coils! Cast Coils thus enable the use of a natural refrigerant without CO2 equivalent or ozone depletion potential (ODP). This makes it possible to replace environmentally harmful refrigerants with a high greenhouse gas content with the efficient refrigerant ammonia (R-717)!

Innovation for a new generation of cooling systems
With their convincing advantages in terms of heat transfer, system efficiency and reliability, Cast Coils are setting new standards for sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning technology with ammonia. Cast Coils are paving the way for a new generation of cooling systems that are more efficient, sustainable and durable.


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