Improved efficiency through optimized heat dissipation

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Conventional Coil (left), Cast Coil (right)

Revolutionary heat dissipation for the engines of the future

The rapid development of electromobility presents engineers with new challenges. Increasing performance requirements and the focus on increasing efficiency and performance are bringing heat dissipation to the top of the agenda as a critical factor. Conventional wound coils are reaching their limits. Cast Coils offer a groundbreaking solution to these challenges. The innovative casting technology enables improved heat dissipation. This leads to a number of advantages:

Higher efficiency: due to better heat dissipation and the optimized shape of the coil, thermal resistance can be reduced by up to 80%. At the same time, Cast Coils provide a larger conductor cross-section and reduce the electrical resistance of the coil. This means that motors with Cast Coils produce less waste heat, are cooler and more efficient! Cast Coils therefore offer a significant increase in the range/usage time of electric vehicles, drones or other battery devices and lead to a lower CO2 footprint in product use.

Higher performance: The high heat dissipation and more homogeneous heat distribution in the coil body enables 50% higher current densities of Cast Coils compared to wound coils! This increases performance with the same motor installation space or, alternatively, the motor installation space can be reduced with the same performance. This leads to more compact designs and improved acceleration. Furthermore, Cast Coils enable higher peak outputs and torques due to direct heat dissipation.

Longer service life and higher reliability: The better heat dissipation means that the temperature load is much lower. If wound coils are directly replaced by Cast Coils, the motor is 20-40°C cooler in continuous operation. At the same time, the design converts a point or linear load on the insulation into a large-area load and protects the insulation. Cast Coils therefore have a lower risk of failure and the potential for a longer service life with greater safety.

The superior heat dissipation properties of Cast Coils make them a key technology for the next generation of motors. They are not only an important step towards sustainable and efficient electromobility, but also offer considerable potential in various e-machine applications. In mechanical and plant engineering in particular, they offer the possibility of meeting future efficiency classes without requiring additional installation space.

By using this innovative technology, we can shape the future of drive technology and contribute to the development of new motor designs with unique selling points – Made in Germany!


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