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Aluminum cast coils: Become independent of fluctuating copper prices!

The global scarcity of resources and the associated price fluctuations for raw materials such as copper pose major challenges for the industry. Supply shortages and volatile prices are jeopardizing companies’ production planning and profitability. In this context, raw material independence through aluminum is becoming increasingly important!

1. Availability of resources:

Incomparable abundance: Aluminum is the third most common element in the earth’s crust and is therefore significantly more available than copper. In comparison, the global reserves are many times larger, distributed across several countries and long-term security of supply is guaranteed.

2. Sustainable circular economy:

100% recyclability: Aluminum is a prime example of the circular economy in action. It can be recycled any number of times without any loss of quality, which significantly reduces resource consumption and environmental impact.

High recycling rate: The recycling rate for aluminum is currently around 75%, which is an excellent figure compared to other materials. Through innovative approaches and incentives, this proportion can be further increased in the future.

Energy-saving recycling: The recycling process for aluminum consumes only 5% of the energy compared to primary production. This helps to conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

3. Economic advantages:

Price stability: The price development of aluminum is much more stable compared to other raw materials. This offers planning security and cost efficiency for the industry.

Aluminum’s independence from raw materials offers the industry a number of advantages and opens up new prospects for a sustainable and efficient future. Aluminum is a future-oriented material that can help to conserve resources, reduce CO2 emissions and increase economic efficiency.

Aluminum Cast Coils expand the design variants of motors, improve sustainability and raw material independence and enable a complete circular economy for e-machines!


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