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Cast Coil: A lightweight with great potential

Electromobility is rapidly gaining in importance. With it, the demand for efficient and lightweight motors is increasing.

Cast Coils offer lightweight construction potential in two variants:

Copper Cast Coils: The higher fill factor increases power and torque. This allows the entire motor to be reduced in size and made lighter and more compact. At the same time, the future efficiency classes are met!

Aluminum Cast Coils: The higher fill factor and lower density make it possible to reduce the weight of the coils of an electric motor by 40 % and improve the technical properties at the same time.

Both variants lead to a considerable weight reduction of the entire motor/generator and increase efficiency.

This weight advantage offers the following benefits:


Electromobility is on the rise and poses new challenges for the automotive industry. Lightweight construction plays a key role in improving the range, efficiency and sustainability of electric vehicles. In this context, aluminum Cast Coils offer significant advantages over wound copper.

Rail transportation

Aluminum Cast Coils can be used in the motors of rail vehicles to reduce the weight of the vehicles. This leads to lower energy consumption and thus to a reduction in energy consumption.

Electric aviation

Electric aviation is in a rapid stage of development and poses new challenges for the choice of materials. Aluminum Cast Coils offer several advantages over conventional copper windings in this area. The weight advantage leads to a direct reduction in the overall mass of the aircraft/drone, which in turn can improve range, efficiency and load capacity. At the same time, the improved heat dissipation is particularly advantageous in the take-off phase and higher peak performance can be achieved with a lower risk of failure.

Machinery and plant engineering

→ Copper Cast Coils enable smaller e-machines with the same performance data.

→ Aluminum cast coils reduce the weight of the coils.

This reduces moving masses in robots, for example, simplifies servicing during assembly work and increases system efficiency at the same time.

Compared to wound copper, the aluminum cast coil offers numerous advantages. The light metal contributes to weight reduction, increased efficiency, sustainability and independence from raw materials. This opens up new possibilities for the development of electric machines, overcoming previous limits and redefining what is possible.


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